Our Story

Our head designer, Holly Smith, lives in Texas. She is a mother of three, and is always looking for cute and functional accessories. When she had her son, she had a difficult time finding stylish burp cloths, blankets, and bibs. He was a spitter and drooler, so not only did these accessories need to be cute, but work wonderfully as well. After much research, Holly decided she would create a line of accessories that would not only be stylish, but functional as well. This lead to the creation of berybaby! 
Giving Back

2010 was a challenging year. The Smith household was looking forward to adding another member to the family. They were overjoyed to find out they were expecting a little girl. During a family trip, Holly became extremely sick and was admitted to a hospital. After three days of treatment, Abigail Grace was born. She was perfect. Her precious little body only graced this earth a few minutes since she was only 20 weeks old. The Smiths were devastated. After much prayer, healing, and thought, they decided to try again. This time, they were elated to find out they were expecting another little boy! As time passed, they were able to get more and more excited as the pregnancy continued. Without warning on Christmas Eve, Holly's water broke and they rushed to the hospital. Grady Allen was born at 17 weeks and was a fighter. They were able to see him take a few breaths and even move his arms. Doctors were not sure what was happening, but the Smiths continued to look for answers.

Their son Hudson was a constant source of joy and inspiration. After some time, God blessed the Smith family with a little girl in 2012, and another in 2014! Hudson is a great big brother, and the girls are best friends! God is faithful in his time.

Holly is starting to work with a few hospitals to create a program to bring comfort and acknowledgement to other mothers and families who lose their little ones too early. A portion of all proceeds will go to this cause.